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The more the heart is sated with joy, the more it becomes insatiable.” —Gabrielle Roy

Vitamin J….JOY.  The single biggest nutrient deficiency in the world.  We are all deserving of this feeling, but it so often is dissolved in fear, overwhelm, disconnection, and choosing comfort over what truly brings us happiness.  When you close your eyes and imagine yourself doing something that brings you JOY, what is it that you are doing?  It does not need to be something you are good at.  Perhaps you love gardening, but your plants keep dying.  THAT'S OK!!  If it brings you joy, get out and do it anyway.  It does not need to make sense to anyone other than yourself.  Mastery of a skill can take a lifetime, but the joy comes from the doing.

CONGRATULATIONS on your last day of the program.

  • Before you jump for joy into a giant bowl of pasta, check out the last page in our Daily Support series called BEYOND which will entice you with the possible science experiment of food reintroduction!

  • One quick last note, feedback about your experience is requested please.  We so appreciate you helping us to make our program grow and evolve.  Click here to be taken to the form.