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Hey!  What now?!?!  Well... you have a unique opportunity to become the scientists who can study YOUR body.  So lets talk food reintroduction.


Food Reintroduction:  We both have personal experience with a bad re-introduction, e.g. jumping back into all foods right away.  Hint: it’s not fun!  It can lead to headaches, stomachaches, constipation, or diarrhea. You also lose valuable information if not done slowly. If you choose, you can use the end of this Reset as an experiment, which is way cool. You can slowly reintroduce foods, for instance, add dairy back on day 1 and try it for 3 days and see how it feels.  For example, see and take notes on how dairy impacts your physical body, your energy levels, your mood If you don’t have any symptoms, move on to Gluten.  If you begin to have symptoms upon reintroduction, then you know that you might have a food sensitivity.  

  • Food Reintroduction Example:

    • Day 1- Add Dairy back for one meal

    • Day 2- Add Dairy two meals

    • Day 3- Clean Eat and watch for symptoms.  If there are no symptoms- keep your experiment going

    • Day 4- Add  gluten back  for one meal

    • Day 5- Add gluten back for two meal

    • Day 6- Clean Eat and watch for symptoms.  If there are no symptoms- keep your experiment going

    • Day 7- Try adding back an alcoholic beverage

  • Notes: make only one change at a time to isolate the potentially challenging food.  Clean eat between each food to reset the system.

Here are some final thoughts we had for your success moving forward:

  1. Flow with Your Life: Enjoy each moment now knowing that you have the tools and strength to pull it back together when needed.  Try shooting for the 80/20 rule: 80% whole foods and 20% life. You can look at each day and flex where it's most helpful.

  2. Keep coming back to the basics:

    • Water - keep drinking clean water often

    • Meal plan - the effort pays off

    • Healthy snacks - veggies/fruit with protein and/or fat

    • Prepared veggies- the easier, the higher the success

    • Crowd Out - fill your plate with real foods

    • Eat the rainbow- color every meal as best you can

    • Care for YOU! You are worth it

  3. Feedback form?!  Thanks again for taking the time to share with us your thoughts on this program. xoxox

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Reset Recap

We've been so thrilled to go through this process with us.  We've recapped each of our daily six segments to highlight some golden nuggets. 


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