Health Coaching

The journey to wellness is exactly that, a journey.  I have chosen to study to be a health coach because I have a strong passion for supporting and offering accountability for people looking for change to support their overall well-being.

I started my health coach journey through the Institute of Integrated Nutrition (IIN) in September of 2019.  I have decided to take the year long program and go slow, to savor every moment and so far I have been blown away and so inspired by EVERYTHING that has been covered.  It's too cool you guys.

AND now I'm done - just like that. I'm a certified health coach. 

Specifically, I'm excited to work with mom helping the to not only survive, but thrive in the younger years when waiting for 5pm can feel like a strain.  So lets do this.  I have lots of options so lets talk.

Small steps...

Make big changes, long term...

Bioindividuality - pause and listen.  You probably already know.  Your body does... so, how do hear it?  

That's what we will work on.  Not the recent diet fad that's working for your neighbor - no.  We will work on you and what works for you... and that's not going to look like anyone else.  How exciting is that?

Image by Mike Labrum


So what does "coaching" typically look like?

First we will start with the free health history consultation where I will get a chance to learn about your needs and priorities.

Typical coaching programs are 6 months long, where we meet twice per month.  The programs are designed to be this long so that together we can work on substantial, long-term change and growth.  

It's important to note that the cost of your health should be worth it, however I understand that due to financial hardship that this may not be a reality.  I am always flexible and open to working with people in need, regardless of financial hardship.


I'm so proud to be partnering with my friend and mentor Jess Finley to be offering a 21 Day Hormone Reset program and other whole foods based reset programming.

This program has been and continues to deeply impact my personal life.  I joined the program as a participant in July 2019 after experiencing digestion distress post spine surgery.  I was looking for a community of support that could hold me accountable to the eating the way that I knew would support long-term health and wellness.  

We continue to run this program four times a year and to learn more, click here.

Want to start now?

Get excited!  Here we go!

Start with water, yep.  It's crazy.  So pick up a glass and get your water on.  Try to work up to half your body weight in ounces in a single day.