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Here are a few of my favorite things... and people...
Favorite Things

Reset Collective Co - 

Healthy starts here...

I have collaborated with my mentor and friend Jess Finley to bring an online 2-week Whole Foods Reset program that is specifically designed to break the cycle of poor eating and get back in the swing of life through good food and company.


Check out the Reset Collective.Co to learn more.  

And click here to see upcoming programs.


Because beauty should be good for you...

I have never been one to take care of my skin... or buy products that weren't at least on sale... but I can't deny the benefit I feel from using these CLEAN products.  I'm a huge fan and supporter of the Beautycounter movement. 


My beautiful friend Brigid Mooney turned me onto BC and I'm so grateful.  She's an incredible human being, mother, therapist, wife, friend - and SOOOO much more.  Shop her website here!

My favorite products you ask? Can't live without these two!


Changing the world... one drop at a time.

There was a point after becoming a mother that I just gave up... there are times that you can't do anything, especially when they are sick.  I've really enjoyed doTERRA essential oils to help me feel like I can do something to help my babies.  I now sell the products, so if you need any support please let me know.


Here are a few ways that I've used oils in the past few months:

  • DigestZen diluted for my 5yos "stomach aches"

  • Lavendar diluted for my 5yos leg cramps

  • Flu Bomb (recipe roller) during times of high fevers and viruses

  • Breathe roller for EVERYONE - cold & flu season here we are

  • Peppermint diluted for my 7yo high fever

  • On Guard diffused to freshen our air and keep germs at bay!

  • Joy roller bottle on this mama every day  


Shop with me and ask me questions! 



I love me some Becca Foright!  Check her out on Instagram and if you're in Kansas City or Denver, book her to work her magic catching you and your family in moments of love!

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