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kids yoga

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My offerings of Caregiver & Kids classes are currently on hold... however, that never stops us from practicing online and in the comfort of your own home!


Hope that you are able to join me for some online classes... 


Additional Kids Yoga Offerings:

  • I am physically located in Bellevue, WA and looking for partnerships to bring kids yoga teacher trainings AND kids yoga classes to the Bellevue community.  If you are looking to partner or need any support, please reach out as I'd love to hear from.

  • Birthday parties & special events: Would it be amazing to celebrate a family reunion with a family yoga class?  Or a nature inspired birthday party with a rumble through the jungle using our noses to smell and our eyes to see?  Events for ALL ages can be created and supported.  

  • My company Young Yokes is an amazing resource for those of you who are in Colorado.  Look them up and support them please!  We have a HUGE online library of fun classes for you and the littler people in your life.