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Jessica Kos Birney

Yoga Instructor
Kids Yoga Teacher
Wellness Educator
Certified Health Coach



E-RYT-200: Experienced registered yoga teacher who has completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training and taught more than 1,000 classes.  

RCYT: Registered children's yoga teacher who has completed a 95 hour teacher training and taught a minimum of 30 hours of kids yoga.

YACEP: Yoga Alliance continuing education provider, meaning that when I lead trainings, I offer continuing education credit for those who are RYTs also.

Business Owner - Young Yokes - Kids Yoga

Young Yokes offers kids yoga teacher trainings in an intensive format (12 hours) or the complete 95 hour program.  We also offer kids yoga classes for ages 2-18.  Learn more here.

Collaborator - Jessica Finley Wellness


Jessica Finley Wellness and I offer a variety of programming including a 2 week whole food reset & a 21 Day Hormone Reset program that is an amazing way to connect to your body.  Learn more here.

Adult Yoga Teacher


I teach a variety of formats for all occasions and people.  My main experience is ground in : vinyasa, power, hatha, hot, yin, sculpt, and slow flow. 
You can check out my schedule here.

Kids Yoga Teacher

I also teach a variety of kids yoga classes from caregivers & kids, toddlers, school-aged, middle school, high school, sport specific, support groups, school groups, special events, and more.

Kids Yoga Teacher Trainer

Are you looking to bring kids yoga to your place of business? I can support you with a private training.



I offer support with yoga teachers looking to refine their teaching skills in physical assists, theming, vocal strength, student connection, and cue development.

Certified Health Coach

I can help offer guidance on journey to health and wellness.  Learn more here.

Learn more about my personal journey from my blog

Upcoming Events

Dharma II - 6 Week Series w/ Jess Kos Birney
Sun, Nov 08
Nov 08, 10:00 AM – 11:15 AM PST
A 6 week series of a 75 minute Hatha yoga movement experience combined with pranayama and mediation in honor of Sri Dharma Mittra.
Malas & Meditation Workshop
Sun, Nov 08
Nov 08, 1:00 PM – 2:05 PM MST
A two-part virtual live workshop where as a community we will build and tie a mala while learning about the significant importance of this tremendous tool for mediation and mindfulness.


“Jessica cares a lot about my journey and how she can help me feel better in my body.  I have loved working with her!”  Sarah A.
"Jess is such a fantastic yoga teacher!  Her strong desire to help others find the strength and calm within them is apparent.  She is equally amazing with both kids and adults!  She taught a yoga class at my wedding, she has taught me, and now she teaches my kids!  She is thoughtful, grounded, mindful, and has a deep desire to help us connect to ourselves.  I highly recommend Jess for ANY sort of yoga instruction!" Brigid M.

Amber Robertson

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Dates: Sundays, 11/8 & 11/15, 1-2pm MST


Join Cassie Bucksmith and Jess Kos Birney for a two part virtual live workshop where as a community we will build and tie a mala while learning about the significant importance of this tremendous tool for mediation and mindfulness.  The workshop will conclude with a completed mala and training on how to care for and use this new beloved piece of your yoga and meditation practice.  We will also use our new malas in practice through a powerful japa meditation before sealing our experience.


We have two main ways you can join us:


1. You can join the workshop only and procure your own supplies.  After registration, we will send you out an email with a list of everything that you need.  This is a great way to support your local businesses during this time of need.

  • If you are in Denver, CO - we recommend Tibetan Imports and their Vedic Astrology readings and mala kits.  To get in touch with Sarita and her amazing business, click here.

  • We are always looking for other gemstone/bead partners so if you have any recommendations, we'd love to hear them!


2. You can join the workshop and select a variety of mala making kits that our lovely Cassie has put together.  Below you will find a description as to each of the malas and their properties:


  • Bodhi Seed Mala - dried fruit from the native evergreen trees of the area stretching from the Himalayas all the way to Indonesia. The Buddha was believed to be sitting beneath this tree when he became enlightened and the seeds themselves are said to bring one to an alpha state; enhancing connection to the present moment.


  • Sandalwood Mala - creates a vibration that is cooling & soothing to the energies within.  It invokes a clear & positive state of being that makes it an excellent stone to use in meditation.  The properties of wood are strong of earth element & therefore invite humility & grounding.


  • Cedarwood Mala- has long been revered as a sacred wood; the ‘timber of the gods’.  It is used in purification rituals and will assist in cleansing your personal space of negativity and allowing you to infuse a sense of sacredness into that which is most important to you.


  • Elemental Gemstone Malas:  

    • ** Metal - associated with birth years in which the last number is 0 or 1; dynamic and electric; this mala contains stones that connect you to the vibrant jewels held within your own existence.

    • ** Water - associated with birth years in which the last number is 2 or 3; soothing and powerful; this mala contains stones to enhance the flow of vital energies as they move through you.

    • ** Wood - associated with birth years in which the last number is 4 or 5; this mala features both gemstones and wood tones and is a talisman for transformation; patience and stability are the foundation of wood energies.

    • ** Fire - associated with birth years in which the last number is 6 or 7; motivation and passion; this mala sets ablaze the inner desires to move towards personal growth and creative endeavors.

    • ** Earth - associated with birth years in which the last number is 8 or 9; this mala contains stones that carry vibrations to balance this
      element - grounding & uplifting in it’s energies.

For the non-gemstone mala kits, you will also get the opportunity to select the color of the tassel.  

The color options are as follows: 

  • Deep Red

  • Pale Blue

  • Teal

  • Yellow

  • Burnt Orange

  • Green

  • Salmon

  • Multi Cool tones

  • Multi Earth Tones


The mala kit you will receive has been prepared with the utmost care.  Beginning with the sourcing of material, all the way to the packaging of your kit, we seek to provide you with a mala that is positively charged and fully aligned with the integrity of its intention; to be a tangible representation of the power of prayer/mindfulness.  We work with a few select resources to bring gemstones from all over the world straight to your fingertips, always sourcing the beads as ethically as possible.  Each design is unique and original.  Stones and accompanying beads are hand selected to emphasize the root intention of your mala.  With careful attention to a specific mantra while stringing the beads, we allow the energy of the stones to remain pure while weaving the practice of prayer/mindfulness throughout the entirety of its creation process. All of this to ensure the mala you receive is much more than a beaded necklace- it is a tool, a talisman, a sacred symbol of love and light eternal; an everyday reminder of your devotion to the path and your practice.

Here is what your mala kit will look like; a pre-strung mala, ready to be tied,
an intention card with a description of stones your mala contains, tassel string,
guru bead, needle for finishing (can also be used to string your own mala in
the future or rework your design as you wish), pouch for safe-keeping your
finished mala. 

**note your mala kit will vary from what's pictured here** 

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