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Blood Sugar Balance

When you try to restrict calories and exercise more, your body is hardwired to perceive a starvation situation. That makes you tired (so you move less and conserve energy) and hungry (so you eat more), and it slows down your metabolism (so you don’t die!). This “eat less, exercise more” formula is not usually successful for most people. It can certainly work for a short time but less than10% of people who lose weight keep it off for a year; you will almost always rebound and gain it back. Also, when you eat carbs and sugar, your insulin spikes and your blood sugar drops. The insulin then drives most of the available fuel in your bloodstream into fat cells, especially the fat cells around your middle, otherwise known as belly fat or adipose tissue. Your body is also starved of fuel and this stimulates your brain to make you eat more. You could have a year’s worth of stored energy in your fat tissue and yet feel like you are starving. The only thing that can stop this vicious cycle is eating a lot of fat and cutting out refined carbs and sugar. A high-fat, lower-carb diet leads to a faster metabolism and sustained weight loss.

  • We should clarify that women especially often need carbs and we generally do not recommend paleo or very strict keto as it can zap your energy.  Every “body” is different, so how your body reacts to carbs might be different from ours.  The biggest key is eating whole foods….not broken foods.

  • “Ponder this: From 1983 to 2008, the number of people in the world with diabetes increased sevenfold, from 35 to 240 million. In just three years, from 2008 to 2011, we added another 110 million diabetics to our global population. Shouldn’t the main question we ask be why is this happening, instead of what new drug can we find to treat it?” Mark Hyman, The Blood Sugar Solution


What is your energy level after 10 full days of the reset?  Take a moment to journal about your experience thus far and explore how your body has changed.  Are all the changes good?  Is there something that is not working for you? 


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Artistic Clapboard

Meal Plan Support

Palak Tofu?!? Oh - i love this healthy spin on a favorite take-out dish.  I know it may not seem like it, but this meal too can be deconstructed and served with a mango salad, YUM!

  • Get out lots of little bowls and serve each ingredient separately

  • Have you & your people "build their own" as their tastes dictate.

  • Taco night can become burritos, salads, or bowls.  LOVE IT!

  • Leftovers?  Build a couple rice bowls (save the crunchy greens in a separate bowl) for lunch the next day to save time & eat leftovers!

Palak Paneer


Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a strong tool in releasing emotions, connecting to the physical body, and addressing root causes of distress.  

This technique comes highly recommended by both Jess'.  

Please see the link below to watch a 5-minute video of JF telling you some more.

Image by Lina Trochez

Self Care

DIY Facial Mask

We stumbled across a website for food transformed into skincare and we just had to share it with you.  I mean, we are eating such great things why not take it a little further and combine a few ingredients to pamper your skin!

Couple it with a DIY facial massage and you've just taken time to be present with your physical body.

HEY!  We may have a facial expert in our group and I hope she speaks up and shares her knowledge with us!

Image by engin akyurt

Health Hacks

Easy ways to add healthy fats to your meals ideas

  • Hummus on the side of rice or a salad

  • Peanut butter or nut butter with fruit or in a green drink

  • Collagen to smoothies as a protein powder substitute

  • Olive oil to the top of the veggies or pasta

  • Avocado chopped on any of your meals

  • Chopped nuts onto salads, rice, soups and they add in some crunch

  • Substitute organic greek yogurt instead of sour cream.  Use it to top your favorite soup or chili.

Image by Heather Ford
Tapping with JF
This video has been deleted.

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