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Today’s Daily Practice

So.... this post was not supposed to be. I wrote it once before and my computer, which is permanently out of space lost it. It was funny. You know second attempts... they are rushed and trying to be like the first, so destine for non-greatness.

Friday, on the cusp of a solo parenting weekend it was my plan to take a heated yoga class and melt some of this already cold and damp PNW out of my body. On my way home from dropping off kids I realized that I had a car appointment at the dealership. Ahhhh. Crummy. Crumbs. Everywhere. My poor car. My poor, poor car. Kids and cars do not mix. And yes, I am somewhat to blame as I have trained my kids to think of food every time they strap themselves in. Anyway, I digress. My first thought was that I needed to go straight home and vacuum out my car, that I couldn’t possibly show anyone the state of my vehicle - especially the dealership! Luckily for me, I’ve been studying my self-sabotaging behavior... why in the world would I miss a self care moment because of what someone might think of my car?!? Exactly. Go to yoga.

At yoga it was hot and lovely and I practiced next to the most stunning, strong older woman... maybe 70 years young. She had a short bob in her natural white... natural beauty, no make-up, just her and a practice full of intention and breath. Her energy was infectious and I found myself dropping further into a space of self love. If you know me, it’ll bring a smile to your face to know that she even audibly sighed (as did I) multiple times when it suited her. It was love at first sight. 😍

After class I was moved to approach her after class and thank her for her inspiring practice. She was so grateful and thanked me for the connection. I had turned away when she said,

“Can I tell you something?”

But of course...

“You remind me a lot of myself, when I was younger.”

Well........ thank you for showing me what a lifetime of this practice will do for you and with you. Keep up the yoga you guys. We are on the right path... and yeah, way better than cleaning my car for a crazy dealership. ❤️


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