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My Health Journey, So Far…

I hope it's a really - REALLY long road...

To summarize a long story, I have done elimination diets, juice cleanses, detox programs and more. I have been a vegetarian, gluten free, grain free, and more. I have exercised a lot… and I have rested a lot. I have tasted and incorporated all the exciting super foods into my smoothies. I feel like I have been quite adventurous… and really that’s all we can ask of ourselves, right?

In 2010, I had a particularly challenging time with my body as it threw at me chronic acid reflux, full body pain, and insomnia. That experience was diagnosed as Fibromyalgia, however since that diagnosis I have come to see that my body pain, which has been with me since a teen, has a direct correlation to the things that I put in my mouth.

After 2010, I had two babies, nursed them, cared for them, and physically hurt myself in the process. At the end of 2018 I had a microdiscectomy L4-L5, all the while on an anti-inflammatory diet to support myself from the inside out. After that surgery, I moved to the PNW and lost all semblance of healthy eating as I trudged in survival mode. Post-surgery and move, my GI tract was a mess. I had not had anti-biotics for as long as I can remember and wow, did they do some work on my system. To give you an idea, I thought I had C-DIFF… but luckily tested negative.

I finally committed to health and wellness through Jess Finley’s 21 Day Hormone Reset program the month before my 40th birthday. I was tired and moody, and still had terrible physical symptoms like IBS that plagued me post-surgery. I was thrilled to find a support community to help me get back on my feet… now below I listed some of the benefits that I personally experienced from the program but there are obviously so many more. If you’re out there struggling, just know that you don’t have to be alone. Join a program, any program and connect. That’s all that I needed, was a place to center my adventures and chat about them along the way.

Here are some of the things I experienced from my first program, July 2019:

1. That nuts and dried fruit can sustain me as a snack and I don’t have to have a processed protein bar every single day. Real food CAN work if I allow it to.

2. That I can survive without my vanilla syrup in my morning latte.

3. Matcha is a wonderful additive for rich satisfying smoothies.

4. I do have energy and no; I don’t need a nap every day.

5. I love smoothies! As long as I can bring one with me, I’m golden!

6. My digestive challenges settled down immensely.

7. I lost weight, just a few pounds and settled in to a nice space in my body.

I think committed to do the fall reset and came on board with Jessica to support the yoga and meditation arm of her program.

Here’s what I learned in the Fall Program:

1. That I can really – really survive without vanilla in my morning latte and I kicked that habit for good! Actually, tried to use some since and I don’t even like it!!!

2. As the weather changes, what I feed myself MUST change as well. I switched from smoothies to soups and opted for a savory breakfast of warm eggs.

3. That in order for me to incorporate new things like drinking water, I have to create patters… like drinking a glass every time I do _____. That was a big turning point for me and how I work personally.

4. Meditation 5 minutes a day is better than 30 minutes one day a week.

5. I actually do like broccoli.

6. I lost weight again sine I rebounded from the first program and have been able to hold tighter to feeding myself nutrition food that supports my body.

And we just completed the Winter Reset program and I love that wellness is a part of your life that is constantly evolving… you start where you are and you learn and you grow from there.

Here’s what I learned in the Winter Reset:

1. Tempe is a wonderful meat alternative! I like it and it’s fermented so it’s feeding my belly great things!

2. Huh, my mood is really impacted by the foods that I eat – WTH!!!!

3. Water, I finally feel like I know how much to feed my body.

4. It’s ok to take supplements. Vitamin D and Magnesium are just two things that your body needs to function and I wanted to make sure I was getting enough. As I learned through past programs, I had to create a pattern around them to ensure that I was actually getting them.

5. Slow cooks can cook food that I enjoy and when it’s helpful for the family schedule, it’s a huge winner!

6. Although I have eaten fairly well since the past cleanse and didn’t have any extra weight to lose, I was surprised by how much I’m still learning and my digestive tract had huge moments of healing and I’m proud to say that my poop is amazing. HA!

7. I have also been quite content that weight, and what I eat has become less intense. I have been able to reframe the conversation in my mind that to eat is to feed my body what it becomes. I eat to nourish my body… and when you do that, you select foods that are overall healthier and for me that has been very supporting with my weight management.

To learn more about our 21 Day Hormone Reset and future program dates, visit

Thanks Jess Finley, for everything... for my health and your continued friendship and guidance. I adore you.

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