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What we put on our skin greatly impacts our health.  Common toxins we are exposed to are endocrine-disrupting chemicals (personal care products, cleaning products, and food packaging), pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, VOCs, heavy metals, and mold. We not only need to reduce exposure, we often need to remove stored residual toxins from the body as well. Full healing can’t take place until we have removed from the toxic/allergenic environment sustainably.

When we smother our body or face in chemicals (most of which require no testing or regulation by the FDA), we absorb the chemicals.  In the United States, we have little to no regulation on cosmetics and there have not been any significant laws to regulate cosmetics since 1939. Researchers at the University of Notre Dame tested more than 230 commonly used cosmetics and found that 56% of foundations and eye products, 48% of lip products, and 47% of mascaras contained high levels of fluorine — an indicator of PFAS, so-called "forever chemicals'' Some of the highest PFAS levels were found in waterproof mascara (82%) and long-lasting lipstick (62%), 

So what are PFAS anyway and what do they actually do in the body?  PFSA’s are a group of chemicals that stay in the body’s blood for years (think 10-20 years) they are extremely difficult for the body to excrete.  They have been found to damage the liver and impair our immune system. It matters that we are not actively adding more chemicals into our bodies that steal our ability to heal and regenerate.


Read the documents in the Resource section about toxins and take some time to reflect in your journal about ways you might be able to cut down on your daily toxin intake.  Share today with the group one thing within your beauty and self-care routine you would be able to upgrade. 


Please also share any great clean products that you love!  We are always looking for recommendations!

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Health Hacks

Where else can toxins hide?

Buy beans that indicate they have a BPA-free lining.  Canning is a notoriously bad way for chemicals to leak into the food you are consuming without having to be properly labeled.

Pro tip: always wash your beans before adding them to a meal. Do you see all the bubbles and fermented water that get rinsed away?  This is partially what causes gas when eating beans and the gas issue can be dramatically reduced if beans are rinsed first. 

Image by Shashi Chaturvedula


Body scanning is a great way to take inventory of the physical body and messages that it is trying to tell you in the form of symptoms.

Sitting upright or laying down, close your eyes and go inside.  Start at your toes and work your way up, listening.  If something is trying to connect with you, stop and listen.  Ask questions and learn more about it.  How would you describe it?  Can you create an analogy?  Where is it coming from?  How can you support it?  

Keep moving through the body until complete.

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Self Care

Take an Epsom salt bath!

Oh, I've needed an excuse to slide into a hot bath, which is a perfect stress remedy as well as a great detoxing agent.


In water, Epsom breaks down into magnesium and sulfate.  The idea is that when you soak, these typically depleted and needed minerals absorb into your skin.


In the past Epsom salts have been used to treat things like arthritis, bruises, sprains, Fibromyalgia, insomnia, inflammation, sore muscles, and much more.   Enjoy your soak!

Image by Isaac Quesada

Health Hacks

What kind of containers are you using? 


Maybe it’s time to switch away from plastic containers to glass.  When food sits in plastic containers it starts to absorb the plasticizers from the food.  Heating and cooling can also accelerate the leaching process. 


Costco is a great place to search for glass container sets.  Thrift stores and goodwill always are full of super affordable glassware as well.

Image by Kim Deachul

Feedback From You
Please share one thing that you enjoyed from today daily support:

Feedback From You
Please share one thing that you enjoyed from today daily support:

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