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Green.  All around us.  Just take a look. And when it comes to our food, green is the color that lights up your life.  Sadly, when I look at my plate or the plates of my children, green is a color that is commonly absent.  It's also one that can be easily added. 

  • Chop cilantro or parsley and sprinkle away. 

  • Fill your body with the power of spinach or kale by adding it to a sandwich or a soup. 

  • Cut open an avocado and enjoy the delicious richness a slice adds to the meal.


We've talked already about how not all calories are equal. Some calories heal. Some calories provide vibrant energy.  Some calories take up space or even work against you. Keep challenging yourself to eat the rainbow and to increase the quality of foods that become you. Go to the grocery store or farmer’s market during the next week and buy 2-3 different types of greens you don’t normally buy. Google with your family, the green's benefits and learn more about the importance of this veggie. Look up some recipes and incorporate them into your meals during the next week. 


You are in the end what you eat.  What type of food do you want to be? 

** Sometimes I think I want to be an acidic cup of coffee... but for today, I'm working to manifest the springy, flexible, vibrant nature of broccoli.  


You have a strong rhythm going on what to eat.  Now it's time to consider what else you are ingesting in your life and areas of your life where you can grow.  Take a moment to complete the "Circle of Life" exercise.  Screengrab or take a pic of your finished wheel and share it with the group, identifying one area that you see you would like to pay attention to moving forward into week 2.

If you have time journal: were you surprised at the results?  Are you feeling content about the results or would you like to see changes?

Artistic Clapboard

Meal Plan Subs

  • Instead of Bread– Grab a leafy Green

  • Instead of Rice–Try riced cauliflower

  • Instead of french fries—Try homemade kale chips

  • Instead of a burger bun—Try wrapping your burger in a romaine lettuce leaf

  • You can add sprouted greens to anything! 

Image by Cocobols


Mindful walking is a helpful exercise when trying to be more centered and thoughtful at this moment.

Start by paying attention to how you are standing and feel your feet connecting into the earth.  

Slowly start to walk, heel first, then toe, feeling your weight shift from back to front.  

If possible, go barefoot on grass and notice the change in textures under your feet.  Imagine giving and receiving with the green earth below you.

Image by Annie Spratt

Self Care

Take a moment to give yourself a huge hug - like for real.  Wrap your arms around yourself and say out loud, "I am doing a good job."  

Repeat as many times as you need to feel the love you have for yourself.

While you're at it, if you can, give as many people as possible a hug today!

Image by Mauricio Sabino

Health Hacks

Try a new idea instead of bread.  Grab some kale, swiss chard, or romaine and make a sandwich.  Add all of your ingredients and roll it up.  Depending on the durability of your lettuce, this can get a little messy.  My favorite filling is red pepper, hummus, carrot, and cucumber.

Image by Johnny McClung

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