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Americans aren’t just hungry, they are starving for nutrients. And yet here we are feeding ourselves foods devoid of these life-building essentials. One thing that you’ve been asked NOT to do is get hungry but rather crowd out by eating as much as you can in energizing and healing fruits and veggies. When you get hungry, that’s when the problems can pop up and you grab whatever is closest. So let’s spend some time talking about how we can support ourselves with the fast grabs and UPGRADING our choices with the goal of increasing the nutrients that our bodies are taking in. 

We love the concept of upgrading choices because everyone can participate regardless of where they are on their journey. How upgrading works... Maybe you don’t eat any green veggies… so you start with upgrading your choices with a can of green beans. Later in life, that can of green beans can become fresh fast-frozen green beans which then become fresh green beans, and then maybe it’s organic. Or hell… maybe you even start growing your own or supporting local farms!

How devoid of nutrients is the American diet? Right now, the top deficiencies are Magnesium, O3 fats, Vitamin D, zinc, deep sleep, movement, and JOY. 

Remember that small changes over time build up to great results. This is a practice, not perfection... and one of the reasons why we run this program three times a year.

Upgrading your choices takes time.

Your journey takes time.  


Where can you grow? 

Write down and share via WhatsApp 3 foods that you, your family, or your chosen family love.  Also, include your ideas on how they could be upgraded.  Extra credit if you we can figure out a way to make then RESET friendly!  If you get stuck ask for help so we can all pitch in to help you!

Artistic Clapboard

Meal Plan Ideas

If you're making any meal with a meat and veggie and you're feeling hungry, serve it with a side of brown rice or quinoa. 

These are also a great dish double-up for leftovers throughout the week for a fast lunch grab.

Also remember to add all the veggies to add color to this meal!

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Take 2 -

Guided Leaves on a Stream Meditation 

10 minutes

Each time you get stronger and stronger at realizing the power of your thoughts.  Notice thoughts of judgment especially on your journey - the shoulds and the coulds. 

Soothing Bell

Self Care

Day 5 of the Reset and things are starting to settle in.  Go outside and take a walk.  Breathe in the fresh air and hopefully feel the sun on your face.  You can even couple this with your mindfulness work today and watch your thoughts.  No need to go anywhere fast, just enjoy movement for the sake of movement.

Wheat Field

Health Hacks

Kale is an incredible vegetable, housing a long list of essential nutrients to combat the standard American diet like fiber, antioxidants, calcium, vitamins C and K, and iron.


It is however dense and fibrous and known to tire jaw across the states.  One way to help kale in digestion is that when used for salads massage it.  Just devein, cut your leaves into bite-sized pieces, and place them in a big bowl.  Place a little salt and citrus or dressing into the bowl and massage away.  You'll notice the leaves losing their firm structure.  Just note that like cooking spinach, the big bowl of kale will probably be halved by volume due to good massaging.  Enjoy!


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