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Look back at your life and look at the times when you wanted to make a change and were unsuccessful… and compare them to the times when you did find success. 


What was the difference? 

What was at stake? 

How big were the consequences if it didn't happen? 


We think what you’ll find is that the motivation behind the change is directly related to the size of the consequence; disease, death, failure, etc.  Thomas Fuller said, “health is not valued till sickness comes.”  So do we always need some big life experience or challenge to elicit a change?  Scientists say no… but there is a key; the mind-body connection.

Physiologically, cells respond to our thoughts as though it is reality.  What?  Think therefore you are?  Any effort to try and move to mindfulness can help promote and create healing.  Any effort to visualize the new habit will build cellular connections in the body that make that habit happen. So what we hear here is you’ve got to see it (in your mind first) to believe it; to become it.  Breath-work, meditation, visualization, modeling, journaling are all powerful tools to help the change desired manifest.

Do you have what it takes to succeed?

We believe so.  You are so incredibly powerful - beyond your wildest imagination.


Share with the WhatsApp group one goal or aspiration for your future.  Can you visualize this success, feel it's power? What would reaching this goal look like in your brain?  Describe it to us in as much detail as you’d like.  Support your group members in making plans to move this limiting belief so that we can become stronger together.

As always, if you don't feel comfortable sharing in a group format, you can always send it to us directly or write in your journal.

Artistic Clapboard

Meal Plan Ideas

If you are making a salad for lunch or dinner and it calls for a protein like chicken, keep the salad separate from the chicken. Then batch cook extra you can easily modify by adding the pieces to a salad, eggs, soup, or sandwich. You might have some options for a family meal that fits a variety of tastes.

** This is where leftover and batched cooked foods can support. Let your kids dress a "bowl" ‘their way’.  Allowing your kids to feel like they have some autonomy in their dinner decisions can help with getting them to try new foods. Have them try a variety!

Image by Food Photographer


Self Talk - Take 2

Watch your self-talk today.  Notice your self-talk around the idea of change and growth, is it positive or negative.  When you catch yourself saying something negative, rephrase the statement.  Close your eyes and begin to see your success with whatever challenge that you may be facing.  Allow the body to feel your win.

Soothing Bell

Self Care

Take some time to define your idea of self care.  Everyone is different and expresses selflove differently.  For some self-care might be a nap, 15 minutes of gentle yoga, a hot cup of coffee, a quiet lunch in the sun, walking around the block, a massage...  we'd love to hear from you on how you define selflove.

Wheat Field

Health Hack

Using sweet potatoes instead of White potatoes make a huge difference in terms of nutrients and fiber.  Sweet potatoes have more vitamin A, Vitamin B 6, Vitamin C and are rich in antioxidants.

Image by engin akyurt

Feedback From You
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