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Sleep….your new Best Friend.


Even though sleep seems like a time of inactivity, it is actually a time the body is very busy...  During the night, we restock our supply of hormones, process significant toxins, repair damaged tissue, generate vital white blood cells for immunity, eliminate the effects of stress, and process heavy emotions. Unfortunately, we have an epidemic of poor sleep – from trouble falling asleep to often-interrupted sleep to actual insomnia. There are, however, several straightforward remedies you can offer your patients in this area. Whenever a new client is struggling with sleep, it is always a critical first priority to address in their healing journey. Sleeping soundly will increase our motivation to make further lifestyle changes (when well-rested, it is always easier to eat more healthily).


Journal about your sleep patterns.  Do you struggle to fall asleep?  Or waking up in the middle of the night?  Do you wake repeatedly at the same time?  Start to take notice of the patterns. 


Select one of the strategies on the sleep hygiene handout (resource section) that speaks to your needs and share it with the group on WhatsApp.  Happy sleeping!

Artistic Clapboard

Meal Plan Support

Today's salmon and salad is a classic Reset friendly recipe and can easily be recreated with any type of protein.  You can also make your salad with the veggies in your fridge.  Also keep in mind that tasty dressings can be quite easy to make.  Do a quick search on the internet and try out some DIY options.  One of our favs would be to add dijon, fresh garlic, and apple cider vinegar to the lemon and oil base and shake.  ENJOY!

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The yogic word Mantra means "mind tool" in Sanskrit and can be described in western society as an affirmation.  The use of a mantra is an oral statement and helps you confirm something that is true.  During times of intensity, this statement can be repeated to offer support:  

  • I am strong.

  • I am enough.

  • Yes, I can.

  • Do your best in the season that you are in.

  • Feel the love.

  • I create my own path and walk it with joy.

  • My body is a temple.

  • I am worthy.

  • What speaks to you?

Image by Tim Mossholder

Self Care

Decluttering is a wonderful celebration of your environment; work or home.  Living in a space that fills your needs while not distracting you from your heart's desire is the goal.  

Start small with just one corner of your desk, kitchen counter, or entranceway.  Organize and put away. Allow clean space to shine through and invite in something new.

I love to take before and after photos just to acknowledge my work.  If you take some share them with us so we can celebrate your hard work caring for you!

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Health Hacks

Try this experiment!  Eat dinner on the earlier side today, meaning you give yourself some extra time before bed.  If you normally eat at 6:30…try a 5:30 dinner.  Do you feel like it made a difference in your sleep?  It may surprise you that having the proper time to digest can have a major positive impact on your sleep.  However, for some, the extra fasting time can cause a severe blood sugar drop in the night and this may drive them awake.  These types of experiments help us get to know our bodies better so we can make healthy choices.

Image by Moritz Kindler

Feedback From You
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