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“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.”
John Pierpont Morgan

​Here you are... welcome to day one.

Where we begin is with the powerful concept of crowding out.  Crowding out means that you eat all the real food; fruits and vegetables that you'd like and in the process, push out the processed (broken foods vs whole foods). So today let's push in some real food!

Anytime you're feeling hungry - EAT... real food.  

  • Snack on lots of sliced carrots, cut cucumbers, roasted cauliflower, etc.

  • Place your cooked food on a bed of chopped greens to add volume.

  • Place veggies out pre-meals with hummus or guacamole to curb pre-meal snacking.

  • Pack a bag of raw nuts and nibble away while in transit.

  • Slice open a freshly boiled egg to add some protein.

What is the importance of eating a whole foods diet?  In the process of decreasing sugar and toxins, the body intake more foods packed full of nutrients, vitamins, minerals.  You are now feeding your body the things that make the muscles work, that help the body heal, and that feed your cell; all supporting a physical body that can now work for you to obtain your dreams, your goals. A diet rich in whole foods is also a key factor in the fight against obesity, a battle that's impacting all of our lives in a variety of ways, including rising healthcare and insurance costs.   


People today are suffering, they are in pain both physically and mentally. You are here because you too have felt the impact of non-supporting nutrition. You know deep down that what you ingest in this life plays a major role in how you feel today. So over the next two weeks, we encourage you to openly explore what you put in your mouth and how that impacts your body. We hope that you're pleasantly surprised, because the ripple effect is real, not only does how you feel impact you - but also all the people around you.   


The goal of this program will never be perfection, but feeling better than you did yesterday. Thanks for joining us.


These actions are part of the Accountability Challenge and we'd love to have you take part.  Regardless, you can use these prompts to put your daily lessons into action in your life.

Todays ACTION:

Crowd out - take a look at where you can increase your whole food consumption, try it on, and then share with us how it went!

- Did you try veggies pre-dinner?

- Nuts in the car?

- What other ideas do you have?

- Where can you grow?

Share with us on WhatsApp to complete this daily challenge!

Artistic Clapboard

Self Care

Add In the Yet:

Watch your self-talk today.  Notice your self-talk around the idea of change and growth, is it positive or negative.  When you catch yourself saying something negative, rephrase the statement with growth-oriented language, YET.

I don't like this YET.

I don't know how to do this YET.

I can't do this YET.

Wheat Field

Meal Plan Ideas

If you are anxious about having time to cook every meal, make double batches of your first few meals and store your leftovers for fast grabs.  Put your warm foods in separate containers to store them and then toss prior to eating. 

Food typically will last 3-5 days in the fridge.

Fish Dish


Why do we encourage mindfulness work?  Studies have shown that it helps maintain a positive mindset and can be critical in creating new habits.  So let's get on it!


Start to Notice:

Have you ever noticed that voice talking in your head? (Oh... there you are....)

Set a 3 minute timer on your phone, close your eyes, and simply watch your thoughts. No judgment of what comes up, just start to become aware of where your mind wanders.

If it's helpful, write down a few of your observations in your journal.

Soothing Bell


The Ultra Mind Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman, Disease Delusion by Dr. Jeffrey Bland

Health Goals - Why Some Succeed and Others Fail

Old Study

Meal Plan Hack 

We LOVE cut up fresh veggies in the fridge for a fast grab removing obstacles when hungry. There's just something about the ease of it that makes it that much more doable.

Best fast snack for everyone in this house is a cut apple and almond butter!

What's the best snack in your house?

Image by Eiliv-Sonas Aceron

Feedback From You
Please share one thing that you enjoyed from today daily support:

Reminder that the password  is wfrjan - all one word.

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